Create a PowerPoint Presentation for the Board of Directors and Execut Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for your organization’s board of directors and senior leaders to ensure they have the information they need to make informed decisions regarding changing times in the twenty-first century. Remember to provide credible facts backed by citations (give credit where credit is due) and a references page. Be sure to consider how these changing times will affect the overall health of your organization. To ensure you cover all topics from the course, provide at least one slide per topic, with each slide containing at least one professional or scholarly resource:The Global Business Environment Leading and Managing Culture Corporate Social Responsibility Entrepreneurship, Intrepreneurship, and Innovation Organizations and Stakeholders Leading and Managing Change Technology in the Twenty-first Century Length: 12-15 slides, not including the title slide and the references slide. Listed below are some tips for your slide presentation. Begin your presentation with a title slide that includes your name. (Do not include the NCU coversheet for your PowerPoint presentation.) 2. Use plenty of white space on the slides. 3. Provide a few appropriate graphics to break up the text. 4. Use six bullets per slide or less. 5. Use Times New Roman, 28 or 32-point font. 6. Use the speaker’s notes area to include the information you want to share with your audience. The speaker’s notes must be coordinated with the information on the slides. Be sure to provide citations for your sources. Speaker’s Notes Length: 150-200 words for each slide 7. Be creative. You can add audio to the presentation if you choose to do so; however, it is not required. 8. Include references on your final slide(s). Include a minimum of one resource per slide. You may use any resource included in this course along with external resources of your choice (not Wikipedia).below are my notes for this courseWeek 1
Industry Market Leaders
Thesis Statement: Globalization and technology have credited with the increased expansion
in the market industry
Global Industry Selection
The E-Commerce Industry
The E-Commerce Industry Description and Competitive Environment
Global Characteristics of Industry
E-Commerce Industry
Globalization and digitalization have played a significant role in the expansion of the ECommerce industry and at the same time ensuring that the customers get his or her desired
products by a click of a button. Technology plays a significant role in the magnification of the ECommerce industry as well. The E-Commerce industry is among the highly growing industries
in the world.
Global Industry Selection
The E-Commerce industry has been an epitome of growth and development in the world. The
continued use of internet and technology has facilitated this growth. Statistics depict that the
global population highly utilizes e-commerce and it expects that with the increase in innovation,
this industry is likely to grow in lips and bounds (Holsapple, and Sasidharan, 2009). The efficient
and fast nature of the activities surrounding the E-Commerce industry has also contributed to the
rapid growth of this industry.
Industry Description and Competitive Environment
E-Commerce also known as electronic commerce conjoins with the online buying and selling of
products. Online shopping involves making orders via the internet, making payments digitally,
and at the same time bringing buyers and sellers closer through the digital platform. The ECommerce industry ranks among the fastest growing industries with some of its giant firms
being Amazon. E-Commerce provides a platform for customers to get products in online stores
and to make payments in the same way (In Szolnoki, et al., 2015).
It is, however, worth noting that the E-Commerce industry has had its share of challenges
including stiff competition from suppliers who sell its products physically. The E-Commerce
industry has taken the market by storm with many customers opting to order and buy his or her
products online. At the same time, mobile banking is one of the areas in E-Commerce that has
attracted very many customers. E-Commerce has been a highlight to the banking industry since it
has seen little productivity and a high rate of unemployment for financial professionals. ECommerce led financial institutions to subsidize its services and this in return has created a lot of
competition for the E-Commerce industry.
Global Characteristics of Industry
The E-Commerce industry has taken a global outlook with many countries in the world engaging
in E-Commerce activities. At the same time, global statistics posit that over 50\% of the worlds
population participates in E-Commerce activities and by the year 2030, an estimated 70\% of the
worlds population will take part in E-Commerce activities. It is, therefore, worth noting that this
industry is growing rapidly and it is appreciated globally (Rabinovitch, et al., 2000). ECommerce platforms from all over the world have been used to serve customers from different
parts of the world and this, therefore, means that E-Commerce has taken a global outlook and it
is still growing faster.
The E-Commerce industry has brought about growth and development in the economy. It is,
however, worth noting that several challenges are facing the industry. Devising ways to mitigate
these problems will, however, help the industry to grow and will ensure that it observes the
ethics in carrying out business activities.
In Szolnoki, G., In Thach, L., & In Kolb, D. (2015). Successful social media and e-commerce
strategies in the wine industry.
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Week 2 Prepare a Critical Analysis of a Case Study
Thesis statement; Mattel was too focused on creating a single store and spending massive
amounts of cash he did not consider the fact that the product produced was not well established
in the market.
Mattel moved their Barbie products to China, and they used a lot of money to create the Barbie
stores in the country. However, the company did not consider the different cultural orientation
and the preferences of the target audience for their products. They brought products which were
thoroughly westernized and unlike Starbucks and Hello Kitty they did not bother to customize
their products to fulfill the needs of the Chinese.
Problems Mattel Faced
The Chinese women are also not as advanced as the Western girls to the point that they deem a
runway an expensive product. The goods sold in the store were also quite expensive thus
unaffordable. More so, there existed numerous counterfeit goods that were locally sold at
cheaper costs when compared to the products offered in the store. Mattel was too focused on
creating a single store and spending massive amounts of cash he did not consider the fact that the
product wasnt well established in the market. The store would have been recommendable if
Barbie dolls dominated the market (Wang, 2012). Based on this, Mattel faced the issue of very
low sales. The store in China closed as it was not bringing in any profit.
Six Cultural Issues
The business should first conduct a well-detailed research on the cultural orientation of the
people. They should understand what the people would appreciate and not value. More so, they
should select a target group for their products. The business should then consider the preference
of the target group selected. It is withal paramount for the company to calculate the total cost of
the products they intend to sell to avoid overpricing. They need to consider the base salary
received by the individuals in the country. They should also brand their products to meet the
needs of the customers or the target audience. More so, management should continually give
their employees reports so that they can be able to track the performance of the business. More
so, it is important to constantly supervise the operation of the business to determine whether it is
in line with the cultural values (Voigt, 2012).
Mattel Performance on Six Issues
Based on the products offered by the company, we can conclude that it did not bother to
undertake a well-detailed research on the cultural heritage of the country. The products offered
depicted a doll that was classy and stylish. The toy, in this case, expressed values like dressing
appropriately but in outfits that represented feminism. Had Mattel done a proper research he
would have found out that the Chinese women and girls were more sweet and cute rather than
sexy and boss. Mattel also made a mistake by having a standalone store afore establishing Barbie
as a vigorous brand (Voigt, 2012). He failed to understand that America was more advanced and
socially integrated when compared to China and thus, the orientation or rather the preference of
the women from both countries would present numerous differences. More so, he did not carry
out supervision to ensure that the products met the cultural preference of the Chinese. Had he
done this then he would have discovered that the doll was bringing in very low sales and he
would have changed the product offered to meet the needs of the potential consumers? More so,
research would have shown the counterfeit goods offered, and Mattel would have come up with
numerous ways to challenge the existence of the counterfeits. He was too ambitious, and his plan
did not consider the important factors like culture and the market and the favorable price of the
goods he wanted to offer. More so, he did not understand that the Chinese women needed a doll
that symbolize values that encouraged them to be go-getters because that is what is lacking in the
current Chinese society.
Conclusion and Recommendations
It is important for U.S businesses to consider the cultural values of the country in which they
collaborate. They need to understand that an individuals cultural orientation differs depending
on the person upbringing and the society in which the individual grew up. After doing this, then
they must offer products that are consistent with the culture of the country. Rather than being
over ambitious or overzealous, businesses should come up with a business plan that will allow
the company to dominate the existing market. More so, they should avoid spending too much
money at once without measuring the performance of the business-like Mattel did. He spent
close to $30 million in one single store even though he was just making assumptions that the
business would succeed.
Voigt, K. (November 21, 2012). What do Chinese consumers want? Not Barbie.
Wang, H. (October 24, 2012). Why Barbie stumbled in China and how she could reinvent
herself. Barbie stumbled-in-chinaand-how-she-could-re-invent-herself/
Week 4 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Intrapreneurship
Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Intrapreneurship
Innovation, entrepreneurship and at the same time intrapreneurship are the key drivers of the
current market in the world. Therefore, businesses and companies need to capitalize in these
three elements because without those businesses they will not succeed in the next ten years to
come. In this report, I would be able to analyze, define, describe and at the same time predict on
how innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship have been employed in the past to ensure
that there is a perfection of present and future businesses. Also, I will be able to analyze or
explore some crucial questions which are related to global practice and the role that the
government plays for the three elements to remain valid (Aulet, 2013).
Risks and Benefits
The most practical difference between the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and at the
same Innovation Driven Enterprises (IDEs) is the purpose. According to Bill Aulet (IDEs) seek
innovative matters in the global markets. At the same time, SMEs tend to come up with a
business that serves and meet the demands of the local individuals. Both the Small and Medium
Enterprises and the Innovation Driven Enterprises start at a lower level, and there is the need of
the entrepreneur to remain unique and to have the skill of persistence for ensuring that the
business remains a success currently and time to come (Aulet, 2013).
Both the SMEs and IDEs have the potential of the creation of jobs thus creation of employment
to the local people. However, even though they have the possibility of the creation of
employment, they follow diverse ways to the realization of their primary goals and obligations.
The contrast between them is the policies, products, and services, which are capitalized or
employed in the creation or realization of the aim of the business.
Culture of Innovation
Culture is what drives employees to perfect their roles in the organization values. Aulet analyzes
how the oil industry should come up with structures, which are separate in nature. Also, it is
always important to produce oil, which is effective, and at the same time safe and reliable.
Therefore, the creation of the culture of innovation will enable the company to be able to
experiment without necessarily exposing the business (Kurato, 2013).
Both Aulet and Peter are present in the execution plan video since it explains how both
employees and customers are the leading individuals in the creation of a culture of innovation.
There is a need of treating the employees as customers because it will enable the customers to
generate income. Consequently, they play a vital role in ascertaining that the business can create
an ideal culture for the organization or business enterprise. On the other hand, the execution plan
video expresses how investing in people can result in making the difference.
Women in Africa
Aulet narrates the story of how the modern technology women in Africa have been able to be
free and have become entrepreneurs. This type of women are jewelry makers. Initially, before
they could come across their customers, they had to walk long distances to the marketplaces.
However, due to increased usage of technology and establishment of smartphones, the women
can sell their products on the online basis. Online enabled the women to sell the products
worldwide while they are at their home enabling the African women to improve the living
standard of their families. Therefore, due to increased innovation in the world, there is an
increased growth in the specific regions. In addition to Africa, other countries, which have
become innovative includes London, United States of America, Scotland and at the same time
Government Involvement in Innovation
The government can play both positive and adverse roles within innovation. It is much important
to have a government within innovation because the government has the role of ensuring that
there are security and regulations of policies. Also, the government has the purpose of keeping
stability that is required by the company. Aulet speaks about the government of New Zealand in
supporting the needs of culture and education. Also, the government has the obligation of
helping individuals who have difficulties in finances.
Trends Hot List
The leading industries and at the same time trends presented in 2008 Trends Hot List came as no
surprise; this is because the file contains products which are always used by most of the
individuals in the world. Some of the trends, which I will carry forward, include beer, wine,
selling food online, and food for the locals and at the same time healthy foods. These are types of
food and beverages, used by most individuals (Kooser, 2007).
I enjoyed attending the webinar and at the same time watching the video. This is because I
learned the importance of being innovative in the realization of the goals and objectives of an
organization. Both the webinar and the video enhanced the learning experience since they acted
as motivating factors in remaining efficient all the time. Innovation, entrepreneurship and at the
same time intrapreneurship are essential for businesses to remain viable in the marketplace.
Execution Plan Video is much important because it expresses how investing in people can result
in making the difference. Companies and business enterprises should remain innovative to
realize their goal, and they should be able to incorporate other elements to increase innovative
Kurato, D. F. (2013). Entrepreneurship theory, process, practice (9th ed.).
Kooser, A. (2007). 2008 Hot List.
Aulet, B. (2013). Understanding and unlocking the potential innovation, entrepreneurship, and
Week 5 Analyze Organizational Structures, Teams, and Stakeholders
Thesis statement: Different organizations adopt different structures that help in the achievement
of organizational goals and objectives.
Organizational structure is an important aspect for every corporate mainly because it
usually determines the power, role, and responsibilities of different departments and levels of
management in an organization (Maguire, 2012). It often determines how the responsibilities are
assigned and controlled by the various agencies and how communication flows between the
different departments of the organization. All businesses have different organizational structures
mainly because these groups are different in their size, shape, and the functions they perform.
Organizational Structures
There are different kinds of organizational structures that use organizations in the
business world. The functional organizational structure is the structure where sections and
portions of the body are grouped and divided mainly to its purpose. This structure is usually
referred to as the bureaucratic structure since it separates an organization according to the
specialty in the group. This structure mainly works better for small and medium sized
organizations because the different departments within the organization can depend on the
knowledge and talents of the employees which enable it to support itself. Divisional structure is
another type of organizational structure where product lines and projects are usually controlled
independently of each other. Large companies and businesses use the divisional structure which
conducts their operations relatively over a wide range of geographical area. The most common
type of organizational structure is the matrix organizational structure. This structure is usually
the combination of the divisional and functional organizational structures (Mallin, 2013). Major
multinational companies use the matrix organizational structure whereas the divisional and
functional structures are in use within the same organization or company.
Positive and Negative Attributes of the Matrix Structure
The matrix organizational structure is an important structure because it ensures that the
exchange of information in the organization is efficient. The structure ensures that productivity is
enhanced and that there is quick decision making in the organization. This structure also
increases motivation mainly in employees because they have the ability and chance to contribute
any additional and valuable information to the team which makes them feel important in the
organization and hence increases their motivation to work. The limitations of the challenge are
that it causes internal complexity as an employee may receive different instructions from
different supervisors which may confuse them and it is expensive to maintain this type of
structure because of the double management that is needed.
Concepts of General System Theory and General Boundary Fewer Organizations
General system theory means the factors and elements that are bonded and are in
exchange. This approach is usually highly recommended for large and multinational
organizations. General systems thinking and boundary-less groups mean like the situation where
an organization wants to be successful through removing all barriers which are either external,
horizontal, or vertical. The system ensures that managers, suppliers, employees, and customers
can all be able to work together and develop ideas that may help an organization to be successful
(Kerzner and Saladis, 2010). The systems thinking and boundary-fewer conditions are necessary
because it identifies as a complex and challenging situation, the systems can analyze and act in a
way that will make a positive difference in the organization.
Diverse Virtual Teams and Diverse Traditional Teams
A team in an organization is known as the collection of individuals who are
independently employed and decide to work together to help provide solutions for the
organization. The benefit or opportunity of diverse traditional teams is that the team members are
quickly selected as they are usually selected depending on their functional skills. The challenge
of the various traditional teams is that it does not support and provide a flatter organizational
structure which is important. The opportunity of diverse virtual teams is that they can render a lot
of services as they offer access to different regions and provide satisfactory solutions. The
challenge of the various virtual teams is that communication is not effective since the team
members do not work in a similar physical location.
Attributes of Diverse Virtual and Diverse Traditional Teams
The positive attributes of diverse traditional teams are that communication is enhanced
as the team members work in a common place and the information is readily available as team
members have discussions while working together. The negative attributes are that it is
expensive to maintain this type of team and it takes longer to finish a project with this kind of
team when compared to virtual teams. The positive attributes of diverse virtual teams are
affordable to maintain this team and are competent and fast in finishing an individual project.
The negative traits are information mainly s hard to access because the team members do not
meet face-to-face and managers cannot be able to physically control or supervise the activities as
the members do not physically meet.
Shareholders and Stakeholders
A shareholder is an individual or person who owns a section or part of an organization
through ownership of stock. They are entitled to the benefits that the organization or company
gets. On the other hand, a stakeholder is an individual who is interested and concerned about the
performance of an organization other than the stock valuation of the company. Since
stakeholders are concerned about the welfare of the enterprise other than stock assessment, there
has been many emerging stakeholders in the business world. The emerging stakeholders include
employees who want to know whether their jobs are secure, customers who rely on the company
for goods and services, and suppliers who get their revenue for providing materials to the
The success of organizations depends on the structures and strategies that the
organization uses to perform its day to day activities. Organizations also may use different
methods such has having teams to be able to improve their productivity and performance in the
business world to have a competitive advantage in the market. Management of organizations
needs to ensure that they perform well in the business community because of the shareholders
and the stakeholders that are present in the company. Therefore, organizations should identify
ways that will help them to become successful.
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Week 7 Technology & Communication
Technology and Communication
The recent rise in the use of technological gadgets and advancements in technology has brought
a need to restructure operations within companies in a move to align to the new methods. Being
one of the largest businesses in Cameroon, there is a need to change the methods of operations in
Cameroons Coffee through the introduction of new technologies and improvement of the
existing ones. This report will establish various technological aspects, give some ways in which
different companies are benefiting, and present a clear recommendation on how Cameroons
Coffee would help upon their implementation.
Use of social media
Social media and how businesses could use it
Social media is one of the forms that a business could use to reach out to a broad audience. It
involves websites and applications that create a platform for both users, and the corporates could
set up and share data and information. According to Internet Stats, Africa has experienced a high
rise in the recent past in the number of smartphone users and those who have access to the web.
According to the data, Cameroon is one of the leading internet users in Africa by percentage. In
this regard, a huge 4.3 million users had access to the web as per the 30th June 2016 statistics.
This is equivalent to 17.7 percent of all the citizens and shows a high rise in comparison to the
20,000 Internet users as at the end of the year 2000. Of the 4.3 million internet users, 2.1 million
have at least one account on the Facebook platform, which is one of the largest social media
In the recent past, many companies have been turning from the traditional print and visual media
adverts to incorporating a new and trendy form that reaches a wide number of clients and
prospective clients. According to our recent research on this issue, these companies study their
target group, develop content that is most appropriate for the group, and share it across these
platforms. Among the leading social media platforms in Africa include Facebook, Twitter,
WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, among others. In some of these, various companies have been
developing a combination of textual, graphical, and video data and sharing them on these
platforms. For others, the companies have been creating their adverts in the form of videos or
How Cameron’s Coffee can use and benefit from Social Media
Like other businesses that have incorporated the use of social media in their operations,
Cameroons Coffee can massively benefit from the use of Social Media. It would be ideal for the
company to create accounts with every available social media company with coverage in
Cameroon, with priority being given on merits of subscribers in Cameroon. This will not cost the
company a dime. However, the company will be required to subscribe to coverage plans on these
platforms through its corporate account to ensure that its content is recommended and spread
across the target group. Most of these companies, such as Facebook, identifies the target group
about the data that it possesses on the users and relays this content to them frequently and in a
way that captures their attention (Funk, 2013). Additionally, Cameroons Coffee would be
posting both paid and unpaid content on its platforms while giving out prizes to its followers on
these sites so as to ensure that the number of followers and current fans rise. In return, the
company would benefit massively from the second but extensive advertisement and coverage of
the users. Fortunately, this mode of marketing is available both for local as well as global clients
(Tuten & Solomon, 2013), which means that Cameroons Coffee will have comprehensive
Big Data
Use of Big Data
Big data is the collection, preparation, and storage of enormous amounts of data over a
timeframe for purposes of analysis in a view to enabling the company to track the trend of
changes (Krishnan, 2013). Companies have been benefiting from big data by obtaining a pattern
that allows the company to determine its performance and weak stances. On the same, it presents
an opportunity for predictive analytics that will enable the company to predict its future position
based on past trend. Some companies have successfully used this data to occasionally showcase
their predictions to their stakeholders as well as developing strategies (Isson & Harriott, 2016).
Moreover, they can obtain value out of this data, unlike the situations where the companies relied
on analog analysis.
How Cameroon’s Coffee could benefit from Big Data
Like other leading companies, this company could benefit mostly from the aspect of big data.
The company has been piling data on its past operations. However, this data could be of
immense value in generating reports on the coverage of the company and distributions of its
clients in a move to enable the company to evaluate its areas of weakness and strength. In return,
this will enable the business to derive an ideal improvement and operational strategies.
Additionally, the company will be in a position to track its growth through this analytics and
predict its projected growth and move to frequently update its stakeholders. Over the past, the
company has been experiencing challenges in tracking both its financial obligations and
capabilities. However, analytics from big data will enable the company elaborately create clear
patterns for ease of coherence. Achieving these graphic patterns will enable the business to
derive the negative changes and make the appropriate improvements.
Cloud Computing
Use of cloud computing
Cloud computing involves the remote storage, processing, and management of information
across the network and over servers that are stored away from the business premises (Hugos &
Hulitzky, 2011). In Cameroon, many companies have been experiencing a shortage of facilities
space particularly those established in the township. In this regard, these companies have turned
to remote service providers who allocate storage space and processing power to these societies at
a fee (Sampson, 2015). These companies upload data and store it on these servers. After storage,
the information is stored and retrieved by the corporation on-demand.
How Cameroon’s Coffee could benefit from cloud computing
Servers are expensive to obtain particularly when high-power servers are required. In this regard,
the company has been spending heavily on this equipment which profoundly affects its financial
performance. However, the company will benefit from cloud computing by subcontracting the
processing and storage of data and information while simultaneously saving on expenditure since
these services are cheaper to obtain. Additionally, the company will also save on expense that
would arise from the construction of server premises and additional staff. The aspect of cloud
computing also creates an avenue for more reliable operations through minimization of data
security and physical threats.
As has been established in this report, Cameroons Coffee would massively benefit from
the reduction of cost in the case of social media and cloud computing while eliminating the cost
of additional employees and equipment. However, the company would also benefit from an easy
understanding of its operations and formulation of corrective strategies through the use of big
data technology.
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Adopting Electronic Health
Records (EHRs)
Institution Affiliation
Electronic Health Record (HER) refers to storing health
record of a patient in an electronic device.
All medical and personal information of a patient should be
The information should be maintained by the health
provider over time.
The information can be accessed by all authorized
It can also be accessed by the patients in case of referrals
to another facility.
The system is efficient, effective, and cost saving.
Why Adopt EHR
Adopting EHR will be a great step ahead for our hospital.
It will help in strengthening the bond between our customers
(patients) and the organization at large.
Doctors and nurses will also be able to make better decisions
when attending to the patients.
The system is cost effective.
It is also save much time thus reducing the number of
Most importantly, patients health records won’t be lost.
Overall Impact of Embracing the Change
It will lead to overall organization’s performance.
Increase our competitiveness.
The change will bring more customer satisfaction.
Employees will be more satisfied when delivering services.
The change will also raise employees’ morale
High customers and employees retention.
Key Takeaways According To Wilson
Coming up with change strategy
Communicate the change plan
Implement the change
Make a follow up
Identify various changes that needs to be done on the plan
Implement the changes to various future changes
Kotter’s Recommended Change
Create urgency
Create a coalition
Develop a vision for change
Communicate the change’s vision
Remove obstacles
Develop short term wins
Build on change
Strengthen the changes in corporate culture
Lewin’s Recommended Change
Mckinsey 7S Model and ADKAR Model
Mckinsey 7Smodel
ADKAR Change Model

Chosen Module: Kotter’s Change Module
Chronister, M. (May , 6 2015). Understanding Employee
Turnover Rate. Retrieved from Teambonding:
Kotter, J. R. (2007). Leading change-Why transformation
efforts fail. Harvard business review, 85(1), 96-+.
Schein, E. H. (1996). Kurt Lewins change theory in the
field and in the classroom: Notes toward a model of
managed learning. Systems practice, 9(1), 27-47.
Wilson, J. (2014). Managing Change Successfully. Journal
of Accountancy, 217(4), 38.
Corporate social responsibility
Institutional Affiliation
Difference between corporate philanthropy,
social entrepreneurship, and sustainability

Corporate philanthropy refers to a practice by corporations and
companies to promote the welfare of the community.

Corporate philanthropy can be at the local, national or
international level. The donations can be in the form of:

Money – mostly done through charity organizations or non-profit

Time – Done by giving free service to the community or by
volunteering for social events like charity walk.

Donating tangible goods such as medicine, books, laptops, etc.
Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship in basic term.

Social entrepreneurs aim at:

Eradicating poverty, and thus they choose their beneficiaries;

Improving the environment through sustainable business

Educating the communities, for instance, through public

Sustainability refers to the adoption of business practices .
It involves:

Use of clean energy in the production process;

Producing goods that are economical to use such as energy
efficient electronics;

Balanced usage of resources to ensure that theres enough for
future generations;
Summary of Concept: Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is a three-pronged concept that takes care of the
environment, social and community issues, and health and

CSR is here to stay since governments are becoming
keener on it to the extent of creating legislation to enforce
certain practices such as:


Social and Community Issues
CSR three-pronged concept

Environment – corporations address issues like emissions,
energy efficiency, preservation of biodiversity and
curbing global warming, and product life cycle.

Social and Community Issues – Corporations that keen to
promote social responsibility actively

Health and Safety – This encompasses training of
employees and contractors on safety and production of
products that are safe for use by the consumer.
Arguments for CSR

Improves employee retention

Promotes customer loyalty

Reduces accidents and helps in combating global warming
Arguments against CSR

The sole responsibility of a corporation is to maximize
profits for its shareholders not improve society.

Some corporations deceive the public about investing in
social responsibility through spending on advertising other
than doing the practices themselves – greenwashing.

Corporations should give the profits to the shareholders who
should decide where and how to invest the money for
Druckers view on social responsibility

Peter Drucker saw social responsibility as the role of
leaders and managers in corporations.

He argued that businesses should be involved in taking
care of social issues because that benefited not only the
community but also the organizations.

He also argued that a healthy community meant a healthy

Beal, B. D. (2014). Corporate social responsibility: Definition, core
issues, and recent developments. Los Angeles [etc.: Sage.

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Leader to Leader, 2009(51), 29-34.

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Ketchen, D. J., & Short, J. C. (2011). Separating fads from facts: lessons
from the good, the fad, and the ugly. Business Horizons, 54(1), 17-22.
References cont’

Ketchen, D. J., & Short, J. C. (2011). The good, the fad,
and the ugly. Business Horizons, 54(1), 7-16.

Paetzold, K. (2009). Corporate social responsibility
(CSR): An international marketing approach. Hamburg:

Ziegler, R. (2009). An introduction to social
entrepreneurship: Voices, preconditions, contexts.
Course Code: MBA5102-8
Course Start Date: 10/31/2016
Section: Globalization and Culture
Week: 1
Activity: Examine Industry Market Leaders
Activity Due Date: 11/06/2016
Activity Description
In this week’s Books and Resources, the Statista website lists 36 popular industries with links to descriptions and further information on those
industries. In this first assignment, you are tasked with selecting an industry from that list that you believe is the most global of those industries
based on criteria provided by Dontigney (2014). Then, support your selection with facts about your industry from the required resources and
at least two additional resources of your choice (do not use Wikipedia because it is not considered a scholarly website). In your report, be
sure to include the following:
Select an industry from Statistas 36 popular industry list on the left hand side that you believe to be one of the most global in nature.
Then, provide a brief description of that industry (beyond the one already provided by Statista), along with a brief discussion about the
competitive environment among the top two to three market leaders in that industry.
Compose a list of characteristics that makes the industry one of the most global in nature as compared to others on the list.
Based on Tetenbaum and Laurence’s (2011) description and discussion of chaos, would you describe the environment of your industry pick
as chaotic? Why or why not?
Length: 2-3 pages not including assignment cover sheet, title page, and references page. Begin your assignment with the NCU cover sheet,
followed by a title page, and then an introduction, where you will state the purpose of the paper. Use topic section headings for each of the
bullets (centered and bolded). Remember to cite your sources within the text of your document. End with a concluding paragraph, followed by
the references page. If you have in-text citations, they must appear on the references page.
Your response should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and
insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect professional business writing and current APA standards.
Upload your assignment using the Upload Assignment button below.
Learning Outcomes
Evaluate current and future global trends and the business challenges that ensue.
() American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of
Recommended Resource
the American Psychological Association (6th ed.).
Tetenbaum, T., & Laurence, H. (2011). Leading in the chaos of the
21st century.
Dontigney, E. (2014). Global industry definition.
Statista. Industry overview.
Learn the Library
Read Article
Review Website
Review Website
Recommended Resource
Library FAQs
Recommended Resource
Library Workshops
Recommended Resource
Northcentral Academic Integrity Policy. Northcentral University.
Recommended Resource
Northcentral Academic Integrity Questionnaire. Northcentral University.
Recommended Resource
Northcentral Academic Integrity Tutorial. Northcentral University.
Recommended Resource
Successful vs. unsuccessful paraphrases
Recommended Resource
APA Tool Kit
Download and save to incorporate this information into your written
Gallagher, J. and Krueger, P. (2013). The global market – Academic
video online [Video File].
View Video
Johnson, D. (2015, May 23). How to cite in APA [Video file].
Watch video and incorporate into your written assignments for in-text

MBA5102-8 Assignment 1 Template
Download Template for assistance with assignment completion
Reference Page Tips
Download and save to incorporate this information into your written
Course Code: MBA5102-8
Course Start Date: 10/31/2016
Section: Globalization and Culture
Week: 2
Activity: Prepare a Critical Analysis of a Case Study
Activity Due Date: 11/13/2016
Activity Description
Using the required readings and a minimum of two external professional or scholarly resources, provide a critical analysis of Mattel’s Barbie
Goes to China case study.
Provide an introduction briefly describing the problems Mattel faced.
Use the required readings and two external resources of your choice (not Wikipedia) to identify six cultural issues that U.S. businesses
must address before attempting to sell their products internationally. Include citations in your analysis.
Assess how Mattel performed on the six issues that you identified.
Conclude with a summary and recommendations.
Remember to include a references page.
Length: 3-5 pages not including assignment cover sheet, title page, and references page. Begin your assignment with the NCU cover sheet,
followed by a title page, and then an introduction, where you will state the purpose of the paper. Use topic section headings for each of the
bullets (centered and bolded). Remember to cite your sources within the text of your document. End with a concluding paragraph, followed by
the references page. If you have in-text citations, they must appear on the references page.
Your response should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and
insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect professional business writing and current APA standards.
Upload your assignment using the Upload Assignment button below.
Learning Outcomes
Evaluate current and future global trends and the business challenges that ensue.
Discuss ways in which organizations might adapt to the changing environment of business in the twenty-first century.
Strojilova, P., & Rafferty, P. D. (2013). People strategy:
Understanding voluntary turnover in organizations using an illustrative
case study.
Optional: Read Article
Voigt, K. (November 21, 2012). What do Chinese consumers want?
Not Barbie.
Read Website Resource
Wang, H. (October 24, 2012). Why Barbie stumbled in China and how
she could reinvent herself.
Read Website Resource
Kaplan, D. (January 17, 2013). Mars incorporated: A pretty sweet
place to work.
Optional: Read Website Resource
Partridge, A. (August 9, 2011). Case study: Zappos’ company culture
delivers happiness.
Optional: Read Website Resource
MBA5102-8 Assignment 2 Template
Download Template for assistance with assignment completion
The CEOShowTV. (February 8, 2013). The best of corporate culture
[Video File].

Optional: View Video

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