****Important Please Refer to the Papers Below for a final version to be submitted***** ***Be advised I didnt submit a well portioned Pest analysis therefore I did not include that paper****Submit the last portion of your draft analysis for your company, covering the specific opportunity assessment along with the trends and discussion on sustainability. This analysis will be based on the results of Milestones One and Two in that it will consider that past forces of market change and the current capabilities and limitations of the company. This analysis will align the company’s efforts to exploiting intrapreneurial opportunities as well as entrepreneurial opportunities, depending on the company’s capabilities. The analysis should reflect consideration of potential future impacts on these plans such as changes in the economy, market position, technology innovation, or sociopolitical factors.Market Domain
Market Domain Overview
Market Domain
Travel Needs for People with Disabilities
A research finding that was documented by Sandra Rosenbloom on The Future of
Disability in America, showed that people with disabilities over the last two decades have had
issues in air travel. Under a third of people living with disabilities, stated that inadequate
transportation was a problem for them and it was a major problem. This was because there
lacks organization, plans, and management of transport need for people with disabilities. In
most cases, who would-be air passengers with disabilities have opted to use other modes of
transport like trains and personal vehicles because of the challenge they go through before
they could get to their destination (Rosenbloom, 2011). Other passengers with disabilities
have been forced to hire personal nurses every time they need to use air travel. This shows
that there exist a lot of problem and a huge market gap in the air travel industry for those
people living with disabilities.
The government of the United States, have weighed in on this matter through
publishing guidelines to the people living with disabilities concerning their rights and what
they need to do to see to it that they sail through the clearance process in airports. The
government has also gone to issue a guideline on accessibility facilities in airports and
airlines for people living with disabilities. These requirements include new aircraft with 30 or
more seats to have a movable aisle armrest on half the aisle sitting positions in the aircraft,
priority space for storing wheelchairs in the cabin, an on-board wheelchair, and accessible
lavatory, and among other airline requirements. The ministry has also published various
recommendations for services and accommodations for people with disabilities to the airlines
and management (U.S. Department of Transportation, 2015). There are other administrative
requirements that were issued by the government. Nevertheless, the guidelines do not provide
guidelines of how the airlines should enforce this. Considering that these recommendations
Market Domain
and guidelines were published in 2015, there are numerous problems for the facilities that
were already established.
This shows that there exists a huge service gap for the airlines that can be utilized to
create airline value and service demand. Many airlines worldwide, did not have these services
and accommodations to take care of people living with disabilities. Creating a unit of
managing passengers with disabilities and creating a space in the cabin where wheelchairs
could be kept to avoid damage, could go a long way to attract many disabled travellers who
opt for other modes of transport to avoid the hurdles that come with navigating through the
airport security checks, keeping of the wheelchairs, assisting in moving around the plane, and
problems accessing travel services like lavatories.
Even though the Air Carrier Access Act prohibits all forms of discrimination in air
travel on the grounds of disability, there is no single law that holds the airline responsible or
accountable for failing to provide specialized services to customers with disabilities. It can be
a huge market advantage to set the trend through starting a special unit of air crew attendants
that will handle the needs and attend to travellers with disabilities. This will mean that these
customers will not have to hire private nurses, will not avoid air travel, and they will choose
the airline for their travels.
Market Domain
Rosenbloom, S. (2011). Transportation Patterns and Problems of People with Disabilities.
The Future of Disability in America.
U.S. Department of Transportation. (2015). Passengers with Disabilities: About the Air
Carrier Access Act. transportation.gov.
Delta Airlines SWOT Analysis
Delta Airlines is one of the leading American airlines offering flights to over 300 destinations
across 60 countries. Delta is dedicated to offering its customers quality services to give them an
experience that they will never forget. Among the customers that are benefiting from the airlines
customer service commitment are those with disabilities. The services package offered to these
special customers are many and they are offered by trained flight assistance that takes care of
them from the curbside up to the airplane.
Passengers with disabilities are requested to make reservations when they are booking their
tickets and are advised to give more information about their condition so that travel plans can be
made in advance. Through closely working with the passengers they are able to discuss the
specific needs and communicate with them on the procedures they will follow. For instance, if a
passenger has respiratory problems he or she is required to report 48 hours before the check in
time so that they can be advised on the seats they are going to take and for those using battery
powered chairs they are guided on how they can charge them as they are on the go. Such are the
services that the airline has committed to provide its customers with special needs.
The airline is aware of the FAA safety regulations in the aviation industry and it ensures that the
rights of the passengers are upheld all the time. The airline offers special seating through
passenger reservations so that there are no inconveniences caused to the customer. The airline
offers ensures that these special group of customers continue to make the airline their choice
every time they want to travel. The airline offers free wheel chairs to and from the gates and also
assist the passengers in boarding.
The package service for passengers with disability is very unique in the market as the other
airlines don’t offer after services such as providing electric cart services to customers. In other
airlines passengers with extreme conditions such as those who require oxygen board special
planes but for Delta passengers can still travel with their family and friends without having to
feel that they are like in a hospitalized environment as the airline believes that a travel is
supposed to make one free and comfortable. Hence catering for the needs of these special group
of customers acts as a strength strategy to the company by standing out as an ethical company.
Delta airline has established itself in the aviation industry and has a strong market presence
however with stiff competition the company’s operating margins have been placed under intense
pressure. Using a SWOT analysis it will give a better assessment of the airline in the aviation
According to the airline market reports (2016) Delta airline ranks third as the biggest airline in
America. Some of the major factors that have made the company to have such an achievement
include the establishment of a name in the aviation industry, the company has acquired a
reputation through specialized services such as that for passengers with disabilities and the
company is well known in the market.
The company has a strong market position and has acquired a global presence which has greatly
contributed to a substantial market share. The company has consistent growths which gives a
platform for more growth in the future. For instance, Delta was named among the top 50
companies in the Fortune magazine (2014) as the most admired company. In Air transport
magazine (2014) the company was named the airline of the year the first time in a decade among
the US aviation companies. The airline in the past three years has been able to achieve three
DOT stop which mean that it is offering its customers services that leave them satisfied.
The company has geographical diversification. For instance, in 2015 the company increased its
travel destinations to 322 in 60 countries across six continents. The airline also offers its
customers 15000 flights daily. Delta’s partnership with other stake holders in the industry such
as trans-Atlantic joint venture has helped improve the market position and global presence. Such
a network helps in advertising its product mix easily in the market.
The company has both multilateral and bilateral marketing alliances which have helped it in
accessing international markets. Some of the advantages include joint marketing and sales, flyer
program sharing and code sharing. The code sharing helps the company to sell seats thus saving
on flight costs. The joint venture agreement helps the company to share decisions with other
airlines especially on pricing and when doing product mix to offer better customer services,
hence enhancing a competitive edge.
Consistent growths have helped the airline to have better growth avenues in the future. Given the
tough economic conditions the company continues to present good results in the past years. For
instance, in the past five years the company has had an average annual growth rate of 8\%. The
company witnessed a 3\% increase in revenues in the year 2015 over to the year 2016. The
increased revenue was mainly because of the company’s good performance in business, the
product mix and increase in fares. Even with increases in fare the company still remains the most
affordable airline in the market according to American airlines report (2015). With consistent
line of growth, it shows the company is doing well which in turn provides financial stability and
higher chances of growth in the future.
The legal issues have had an impact on the company’s cost structure. Over the past years the
company has been facing legal issues which have had an impact on its image. The issues have
placed burden on the company’s cost structure which in turn has affected its financial position.
Also the company has indebtedness which is affecting its financial agreements. As per the
financial year 2013 the company had a total long debt of over $9 million. This places the
company at higher risks of economic downturns and reduces its ability to withstand pressure
from competitors.
The increasing tourism industry could increase the airlines position. With the recovery of the
tourism industry more benefits will be passed to the aviation industry. According to World
Tourism Organization (2015) the arrivals of tourist increased by 5\% compared to the previous
year. Delta position in the airline industry places it at a better position to capitalize on the
After a global financial crunch in 2008 the world economy is recovering well which in turn
influences the people’s ability to spend. The economic crisis hit Europe worst which affected
freights to the continent which consumes high value products. With the recovery the freight
industry is doing well due to growth in emerging markets. According to Airbus Freight Global
Market (2015) they forecast that the freight industry will grow by 4.8\% in the next 20 years to
come. Hence the favorable outlook of the freight industry could boost Delta’s profits and sales.
The demand for aviation (MRO) Maintenance, Repair and Operation is expected to rise as
airlines aim at lowering their flight cost. With the MRO software airlines stand to save
considerably especially as the number of aircrafts increase globally which means such a cutting
edge technology will be paramount to the industry. MRO accounts for 205 of all airline operation
cost and global aviation experts forecast that the MRO market will reach $57 billion in 2017 and
$ 86 billion by 2025. Delta Tech OPS is a product mix associated with Delta Company and it is
one of the largest MRO in America. Delta Tech OPS offers aviation services to airlines in
America and all over the world. Hence the rising MRO market provides business opportunity to
The airlines industry is packed with stiff competition which could affect Delta’s operation. The
areas that the company is facing competition include routes, fares, services and flyer programs.
The domestic routes are subjected to competition from existing and new airlines which may have
lower cost compared to that of Delta. Low cost airlines such as AirTran and South west exert
competitive pressure on the company. The company also gets competition from airlines inside
US and at International markets.
Fluctuating fuel prices that are beyond the control of airline companies have had an impact on
the company’s cost structure. According to Delta financial report (2013) fuel accounted for 33\%
of the company’s operating cost. Increased global jet fuel prices and the company’s inability to
get it at a much competitive price place the company under intense financial pressure.
Extensive government regulations on the airline could increase cost of operation. Through
complying with such regulations the company continues to incur a lot of expenses which results
in reduced revenues. Most of the operating expenses are compensated through ticketing which in
turn affects the company’s competitiveness in the industry in terms of pricing.
Delta airline has been a successful company in the airline industry over the years through its
innovative services that target the customers. Through a specialized program that is a product
mix the company the company is able to stand out in the industry. Caring for the disabled is
ethical and Delta airline is a leading company in this through its special service package to such
customers. Hence catering for the needs of these special group of customers acts as a strength
strategy to the company by standing out as an ethical company.
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Intrapreneurial Opportunity
Intrapreneurial Opportunity-Week 7
Intrapreneurial Opportunity
Intraprenuership can be defined as a situation where generally the employees are
provided with autonomy and also the freedom to create organization. This normally comes out of
necessity and also interest. It is normally common to most people with the objective of and also
the passion for driving innovations from within. For an example of the problem given to be
solved is to the employees in the field.
For the best intraprenuership one needs to do the environmental analysis for him or her to
identify both the external and the internal elements which can strongly affect organization
performance. This analysis involves assessing the threat level the opportunity might present.
These evaluations are normally later on translated into decision-making process (Desouza,
2011). It helps to align strategies within the firm environment.
The key duties of intraprenuers staring a company are to provide goods and services.
Intraprenuership also seeks policies, technologies and also applications that would help increase
the companys productivity. The intraprenuer builds the skills required in starting his or her own
business by he or she building an aptitude for recognizing and being able to solve problems.
Intrapreneurs are normally very proactive, self-motivated and action-oriented people who are
comfortable with taking the initiative, even within boundaries of the organization in pursuit of an
innovative product or service.
In Delta Airlines intraprenuership there will be possession of freedom and autonomy for
professional growth. According to Desouza, (2011) an intrapreneur normally has the
independence to analyze and get to understand the trends necessary for planning the companys
future. Intrapreneurs can determine methods of staying ahead of their competitors by
synthesizing their findings. There is usually freedom of experimentation and growth in an
Intrapreneurial Opportunity
organization for an intrapreneur. It fosters autonomy and also independence when studying every
single aspect of a given issue and attempting to find the best of resolution.
When the intraprenuers become the companys executive with time they can move the
business forward and as they usually understand the business from all levels. For a company to
have a successful business, it should recognize and promote the successful intraprenuers. In the
process of solving problems the intraprenuers can foster growth for other talented intraprenuers
and usually integrate processes for the greater good of the whole company.
The key challenges in intraprenuership are the ability to deal with corporate immune
system which normally means the corporate organization structures like hierarchy, rules,
bureaucracy does not necessary support intrapreneurial culture and behaviors.
Many companies try to apply intrapreneurship in their daily routines but due to the high
levels of the defined tasks and schedules that deter opportunities for new ideas to be well
recognized. Great issues have highly defined the schedule and the lack of enough necessary time,
and also space for the idea creation are also enlightened (Baets & Oldenboom, 2009).
Failure or even the fear of failure is another reason for the organizations not becoming,
even more, intraprenuerial which found that firms act for protecting resources by just avoiding
risk and also penalizing those who fail.
The general reasons for the intraprenuership in Delta Airlines include;

Providing unique opportunities within employees who are eager to go above and also
beyond the call of duty.
Intrapreneurial Opportunity

Empowering employees to capitalize on their qualities, talents, and skills as a mean to
provide their organizations with very new and fresh insights.

Serve as a marketing tool for attracting the intrapreneurial talents in which many would
prefer entering organizations that can provide job security than spending their early part
of working lifes starting and building on their ventures. Using intraprenuership like
means to better engage employees on personal level hence ensuring that they can bring
their very best selves to the job.

Generating new ideas programs processes and efficiencies that do allow organizations to
jump the curve in achieving their organizational strategies.
Some limitations of intrapreneurship include;
➢ Mostly intraprenuers have their primary motivation as things like financial stability and
love of what they do but putting others ahead of them.
➢ Intrapreneurs will enjoy the perks of the steady paycheck and health benefits, but their
employment is considered at-will which means that the organization can terminate their
employment at any given time.
➢ There is always the limitation in the responsibility of tasks as an intrapreneur is tasked to
work in one specialized area.
For employees to be challenged to provide autonomy and also the freedom to innovate,
the companies should carve out spaces for employees to take risks and also experiments. The
approach to the intraprenuership normally differs based on sector and the size of the company
though the theme underlying is a belief that the employees can be very creative in ways that
Intrapreneurial Opportunity
bring value to the employer and also the society at large. This is especially very appealing for
Millennials who value intrapreneurship but who are more inclined to serve like entrepreneurs.
Promoting intrapreneurship is challenging especially within organizations which are hierarchical
where privacy, order, and security are valued. To embark on the journey of intraprenuership I
recommend that companies should ask the following question; what are current examples of
intraprenuership around their organization, how will they celebrate intraprenuership when their
employees take risks (Jonkomane-Lutwama, 2012). What extend do they normally empower our
employees to solve challenges pressing the society, what opportunities does this organization
actively create for the employees who wish to pursue intraprenuerial activities as part of their
duty, as management team what actions do they carry on to support intraprenuerial within the
Intrapreneurial Opportunity
Baets, W. R. J., & Oldenboom, E. (2009). Rethinking growth: Social Intrapreneurship for
sustainable performance. Basingstoke [England: Palgrave Macmillan.
Desouza, K. C. (2011). Intrapreneurship: Managing Ideas within your organization.
Jonkomane-Lutwama, J. M. M. (2012). Intrapreneurship. Place of publication not identified:
Lap Lambert Academic Publ.

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